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How Does IMEXWORX Works?

With the ImexWorx algorithm, we can analyze the product range of the main retailers in the industry. Locating the products that we need to the best prices. Further understand the stock availabilities at the different retailers, and through this information being able to give offers and right prices. Not necessarily offer the lowest price but the right price according to the prior price discovered by our algorithm. ImexWorx is making specific analysis of the products that are sold on the sites of the main retailers in each territory and at what price they are being sold. ImexWorx analyse and detect new opportunities regarding the sale price with provides our product and marketing team with all the benchmark prices information of our competition that allows us to evaluate how competitive our products with similar characteristics to ours are sold in the market.

Creating notifications so we do not lose control of the products we wish to sell

We are getting an accurate and real-time picture of the performance of our products in selected retailers worldwide. Thanks to our stock alert system which is part of our stock monitoring software, we are able to control the availability of our products in the different authorized ecommerce stores and easily know if the online stores that we are currently tracking have run out of stock of the product we wish to sell. This will allow us to contact our (potential/client) to ensure more sales and thus obtain the best results. We can also use our stock monitoring tool to see how much stock the retailer/client has at any given time, which will give us the opportunity to offer more product before they run out of stock.

Checking every price movement with our price intelligence software

ImexWorx price intelligence software generates rankings based on the prices found for each of the products we wish to sell. The most competitive byers will be in the top positions, while the least competitive will always appear last. We use the price differences to see to what extent our prices are higher, lower or equal to those of our competitors and decide if our products’ prices fit the place we want to have in the market. By analyzing this data, we can discover the price movements that our competitors are making or have made during a certain time to gain positions in this ranking. Remember that it is important not only to be aware of the prices of our rivals. But also their promotions, shipping policies and stock availability as this will help us make better decisions regarding the prices we want to assign to our products and therefore be more competitive in the market and thus obtain better sales.

Competitor website price monitoring software

ImexWorx competitor price monitoring software learns all the product prices of our different rivals. ImexWorx will help us have a potential global vision (right now we are only using the data from Europe) of the market with advanced reports and information to lead the game. In many cases it is not necessary to carry out a competitor price tracking search of all products and all sellers, sometimes we only need to know the prices of certain rivals. ImexWorx allows us to monitor both the price and the availability of any product that our competitor sells, obtaining the information directly from their website and from the information provided by our software.

Monitor our competition's prices

Use the competitor price monitoring software to directly extract our rivals information from their own website. In cases such as marketplaces, for example, the prices at which retailers sell their products is different from those of their own web pages, so it is essential to use the software to learn the prices of our competition both on their website and in marketplaces such as Handelot, B2B etc. ImexWorx discover the precise strategies of our competitors. This information will give us the data we need to implement a better pricing strategy of our own and thus improve our own prices and sales Thanks toImexWorx we can see both the evolution of prices and the supply cycle of our competition. With this information we can create predictive models of forecasting income and logistics.

Monitoring our competitors’ price evolution

By price monitoring we get the chance to see into more detail the evolution of prices in each one of our competitors and how that compares to our own price evolution throughout any given period of time. This sort of information will help us acquire a better grasp about our competitors’ pricing strategies allowing us to detect patterns and trends in their pricing. We can then employ these useful insights to make better informed and more effective pricing decisions that will lead to higher revenue and ROI.

Locating the right supplier

ImexWorx is just as we are accumulating all data on our potential clients, we are just as effective locating our supplier. From the data of our supplier locator software we are able to find the best prices on the marked, also knowing the stock available.

Discover who our competitors are

Just by giving us a product identification code such as the EAN, we will be able to see all the sellers that have our product in stock and the evolution of their prices. We are able to locate the different suppliers that are supplying the different retailers. Thanks to this functionality we can see which are the competitors that are entering price wars in our competitive landscape.